Taking a loan – the three best tips

Who wants to take a loan , finds a large number of different offers. It is sometimes not easy to distinguish good from bad credit. But with these three tips you will reach your destination quickly and safely.

Tip 1: Take credit online

Of course, it makes sense to first ask the house bank if you want to take a loan. But there are often only very attractive conditions for existing customers. In addition, the big banks even with minor blemishes in the credit score information lower the thumb and no loan. On the Internet, you will find credit partners like Gandalf, which help you quickly and unbureaucratically – even if others have already rejected.

Tip 2: Only take loans without any cost

At Gandalf you get your personal loan offer always without any cost. Unfortunately, not all providers work so seriously. Many (alleged) credit intermediaries send bills and want to forgive the (supposed) credit only after a payment. Others send a lot of printed paper cash on delivery. But the “loan documents” in the expensive paid envelope are in many cases practically worthless. Another scam: Consumers who are actually looking for a loan are offered a “financial rehabilitation”. Again, there are a lot of costs, but fresh money does not flow into the account.

Therefore: Never accept upfront costs! At Gandalf you benefit from the free guarantee. Neither for your request nor for your loan offer you have to pay one cent in advance. And of course, if you refuse, you will not be charged.

Tip 3: First compare (let), then take credit

Before you take a loan and put your signature under a credit agreement, you should make sure that this loan is actually good and cheap. For this you need several offers in advance – only then can you find the best offer.
The complicated way is the request from various banks and credit intermediaries. In the end, you will ideally have several offers on the table that you can compare. An important tip: Please always compare the annual percentage rate, because only it contains all relevant credit costs.

The alternative to looking for a loan on your own and the much easier way is to request a credit card . Here you can reach up to 20 different banks with just one request. And you do not have to check for yourself which loan is really good – this is the important task that the credit professionals at Gandalf are happy to take care of.