Month: January 2019


Business Plan and Business Loans for Financing

  People in Germany are getting older and older and the demand for outpatient care services is growing. If you are looking for a meaningful job and like to be there for others, starting a nursing service may be the right thing for you. In this article, you will find out which legal regulations you […]

Business Loans- How to Set Up Your Total Debt Money

      Your Choices are Rising Due to Elections!           The government plans to regulate the 120 doses for all, New Democracy. That is to say they can settle debts up to € 5,000 for employees, employees, pensioners and professionals. Let’s see for 120 doses what will happen. This development, […]


Why companies should finance their business in good times

“Financed when you’re alright,” says Dr. Nico Peters, CEO of Marchmain family. We explain why it is often cheaper to finance than to pay yourself. The economic situation for SMEs is currently excellent – despite the weakening economy. Many companies have enough liquid funds to pay for investments out of their own assets. But is […]